We are proud to have the support of the following community leaders and organizations

Lynna Thomas
Greensburg-Salem School Director

I am proud to support Collin Warren for State Representative for Pennsylvania's 57th District!  Collin is hard working, focused and purposeful in his vision to represent the constituents of this district. As a lifelong resident of Greensburg, Collin connects with and understands the hopes, dreams, needs and challenges we face.  He cares about the issues that we all care about - education, health care, living wages and improving our communities for all.  


Collin is eager to talk with the residents and stakeholders of our district.  He is knowledgeable and resourceful. He examines facts and data, listens to both sides of the issues, asks the tough questions and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.   He has the time, energy and perspective to serve us well and to serve us honestly. Collin has my vote on May 15th!

Local 491
Pennsylvania AFL-CIO
Paul S. Adams, Ph. D
Hempfield Area School Director

I support Collin Warren for State Representative as he exemplifies not only youth, energy, and good ideas that Pennsylvania needs but also because he cares about the issues that most impact the residents of his district and of the Commonwealth. Collin’s serious and principled approach to understanding and finding solutions to the problems in our hometowns and in Harrisburg is why he’ll make an outstanding state representative. I unreservedly endorse Collin Warren for election to the Pennsylvania State House from the 57th District!

Bill Marx
Delmont Borough Council Vice President

I am happy to support Collin Warren for Pennsylvania’s 57th district. As a lifelong resident of the Greensburg area and a graduate from Greensburg Central Catholic Collin understands the local populace, their concerns, and the unique challenges we face. As a graduate of Penn State with a degree in economics, Collin has worked with area residents to restructure and settle their debts, giving many families the relief they desperately needed to get their financial lives back in order. This has given Collin an understanding of the hardships many working class families face today, the need for a thriving economy as a basis for a strong community. I am confident Collin will take that knowledge to Harrisburg to be the voice of working and middle class families in the district.

Collin realizes that successful schools are the keystone to a strong community and understands the importance adequately funding our schools for the future success of our children. Collin feels that schools should have curriculums that will prepare our children for the 21st century workforce with classes in financial literacy and civics without sacrificing the arts, music, and physical education. Collin has been at the forefront of supporting local education programs by helping organize the Greensburg-Hempfield Library Referendum in Southwest Greensburg to increase funding for the Greensburg-Hempfield Library, which has been a cornerstone of free educational programming in our community for decades.

For these reasons, I support Collin for State Representative for Pennsylvania's 57th District!

American Federation of Teachers
Rachel Shaw
Greensburg-Salem School Board Member

I believe Collin has the ideas and vision we need in Harrisburg right now. I can tell through our conversations that he is truly prepared to make a difference and face the challenges before us. He is smart, dedicated, and actually cares enough to talk about the issues and listen to average people and local leaders.


I am especially happy to see that education plays a central role in his campaign. I am looking for a candidate who will do right by our children and see to it that they grow-up in a safe environment with access to the tools and resources they need to learn and succeed. I have every reason to believe that Collin is that man. I will happily vote for him come election time and I encourage my fellow educators as well as parents to do the same!

District Council 83
Run For Something
United Food and Commercial Workers
Local 1776
United Mine Workers of America
District 2
United Automobile Workers of America
District 9
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